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Majors baseball program to use larger field for Spring 2019

The LaGrange Youth Baseball/Softball Board has made the decision to move our majors baseball division to a larger size field beginning in the spring of 2019.  The new field will feature a 50 foot distance between the mound and home plate and 70 feet between the bases.  This is in contrast to the 46 foot distance between the mound and home plate and 60 feet between the bases that was used last year and that our minors division will continue to use.  The new rules will also allow base runners to lead, so pitchers will learn how to hold runners on and attempt to pick them off.   The new program will provide a much smoother transition for our players as they move up to the full size field that our 13-16 year olds play on.  As a result of this decision, there will be some changes to the scheduling of games this spring.  In past years, majors baseball games were held primarily on Tuesday and Thursday during the week and minors baseball games were held primarily on Monday and Wednesday during the week.  This year, in order to maximize use of our 50/70 field, majors and minors games will both be scheduled each night from Monday through Thursday.

by posted 12/12/2018
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Field Status
Field 1 - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Field 2 - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Field 3 - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Jr./Sr. Field - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Jr/Sr Batting Cages - LaGrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Lagrange Middle School - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Lions Field - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Lower Tymor Park - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Lynn Bennett - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Lynn Bennett Batting Cag - LaGrangeville TBD (12/13) 
MacGhee Field - Poughkeepsie TBD (12/13) 
McCluskey Field - Lagrangeville TBD (12/13) 
Stringham Park - Lagrangeville OPEN (12/13) 
Unionvale Middle School - Unionvale TBD (12/13) 
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